Val’s Belated Birthday Bash ‘n’ Bootcamp

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Save the date Urban Kiz lovers because this is for you:

I’m bringing you three outstanding, internationally renown artists – and passionate Urban Kizzeurs – full of energy and talent to set your feet on fire!

2 Parties with fantastic-bombastic DJ Frenger & DJ Julius, 1 intensive Bootcamp with talented and charming Amine: simply LOADS of Urban Kiz.

Last but not least: it was my Birthdaaaaay and heck yeah, I wanted to celebrate with the whole of Oslo! Well, Covid stopped me in my tracks but THIS is the time!

Here is the plan:
⫸Friday Evening:
Workshops by Amine and Party at “Sagene”
Location: Kristiansands gate 2, Oslo
19:00-20:00 Urban Kiz intermediate level
20:00-21:00 Urban Kiz beginner level
21:00-01:00 Party

⫸Saturday Day Time:
Bootcamp with Amine from Paris: A snack for all intermediate/advanced dancers!
Location: “Ewa Trela Dans” – Karl Johans gate 17, 4. etg.

⫸Saturday Evening
Party harder! It’s still Val’s birthday – until the next one.

You’d say you feel homely on the Urban floor but for some reason you keep getting stuck in your comfort-zone, the same patterns and same mistakes?
The main causes are lack of solid technique, insufficient stimulus, pressure and dancing “inside the box” – no matter the role you dance.
BUT: We have got you covered with crispy technique, movement inspiration and one or the other ‘Aha-experience’, as Amine is bringing you the Parisian Style and a cheerful learning experience.
Don’t you worry if 4 hrs sounds like a lot; there will be breaks and we will find the right balance to keep you fresh.

Bootcamp topics include:
⋗ Fast spins ( the Urban Kiz way)
⋗ Touches & Footwork
⋗ Syncopation

-Amine (France)
-Val Danza (Norway)

-DJ Frenger (Sweden)
-DJ Julius (Netherlands)

✶Taxi Dancers:
-Juan Ronin – RoninkizZ (Sweden)
-Skate Stome – Funomen (France)
-David – Pack ‘n’ Dance (Spain)
-Pablo (Spain)


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