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Technique. Style. Creativity. Confidence.

Lead & follow in small, exclusive classes that make you stand out on the dancefloor.


The dance that looks so easy but requires a lot of technique and coordination and eventually gives you so much space to express your creativity?
Feeling tired of learning “choreos” and lacking the important details to make anyone follow you on the social floor or lacking the tricks to be a light and graceful follower that every lead wants to dance with?

Val will take care of your weekly dosage, help you get those details straight and level up!

Are Val's Classes Liked?

  • positive review  super danseuse rencontrer sur Berlin. agréable et toujours le sourire ! <3

    D-bi Jihane Avatar D-bi Jihane

    positive review  She's an amazing danceteacher, love her dance style and techniques. What is the best about her classes i feel, is that she has the versatile ability to both lead and follow, so she teaches from both perspectives 💃🕺 She is also a really nice, fun and kind person 😊

    Daniel Johan Hille Arnesen Avatar Daniel Johan Hille Arnesen

    positive review  Skilled, friendly and engaged teacher! She picked up on several minor, but important, details which helped my dancing technique a lot.

    Magnus Halvorsen Avatar Magnus Halvorsen
  • positive review  I dance salsa/casino but I have been learning this new dance full speed for the last 6 weeks. On Val Classes I could finally understand the how and why of several movements on urban kizz. I strongly recommend to take some lessons with her, it can definitely be a game changer. Val Thanks for coming to Norway! We need more teachers like that here!

    Alejandro Gispert Avatar Alejandro Gispert

    positive review  Tanzlehrerin, die nicht nur einfach Figuren vorführt, sondern mit Herz und Seele dabei ist. Sie zieht bei ihren Shows und Workshops alle mit sich, so dass es eine Freude ist ihr zu zuschauen. Ihre freundliche Austrahlung macht es einem angenehm bei ihr zu lernen und sich auf die Figuren zu konzentrieren. Und als Fotograf kann ich dazu noch sagen, dass es einfach verdammt viel Spaß macht sie vor die Linse zu kriegen 🙂

    Martin Hoferichter Avatar Martin Hoferichter

    positive review  Val es una de las instructoras que se dedica al desarrollo del baile mediante el crecimiento de sus alumnos. La energía que se trasmite mediante sus clases es de un nivel exclusivo y toda una experiencia inolvidable. No se pierda la oportunidad de bailar, reír, disfrutar y sobre todo aprender lo que expresar tu personalidad en el idioma internacional que es el baile. Únete que Val vale la pena!😎

    Jossy Apellido Avatar Jossy Apellido
  • positive review  Good teacher. Friendly. Encouraging.

    Lesley Howe Avatar Lesley Howe

    positive review  extremely sensual girl �

    Vladimir Semibratov Avatar Vladimir Semibratov

    positive review  Thank you Valerie for all your advice, your technical details, your patience to help me improve. You inspire and are a beautiful person. I had so much fun. Keep up the good work. I highly recomend to attend her classes and privat lessons.

    Christina Korodi Avatar Christina Korodi
  • positive review  The graceful ability of a master.

    Asgeir Sigurvaldason Avatar Asgeir Sigurvaldason

    positive review  Hi. Are you looking for a best urban kiz teacher in Norway? You are really lucky because Val Danza lives in Oslo. Professional. Highly recommend!

    Akseniia Angel Avatar Akseniia Angel

    positive review  I’ve taken several classes with Val, both privates and workshops/group classes. I particularly like how she manages to strike the perfect balance between repetition and variation in her classes – you get enough time to learn the steps without it ever getting boring! In private classes, she has always been super attentive to me and my needs, listened carefully, analysed my movements, and given me very precise feedback that has helped me improve my dancing a lot.

    Kirsten Milo Tromborg Nielsen Avatar Kirsten Milo Tromborg Nielsen
  • positive review  Great teacher, fun to dance with and a really amazing dancer 😊

    Marita Liseth Jansen Avatar Marita Liseth Jansen

    positive review  I'm very happy that I met and collaborate with Valerie. both during the festival and workshops, we prepared together. She is an enthusiastic dance and teaching partner, creative and open to new ideas. Great teacher with attention to details and technique and open, warm, lovable personality. Beautiful, graceful, smart lady that knows what she is doing 💃 And is really good at that 😎

    Mario Głodek Avatar Mario Głodek

    Valeriе, thank you so much for your classes and just you! I am glad that you were here in Russia that we met and danced a lot!) I am sure that there is the difference between a good dance and a good teacher. A good dancer doesn’t always mean a good teacher, but you are both! Thank you so much for your professionalism💃🏼 I will miss you so much, shiny and smiley girl😘hope to see you soon❤️

    Evgeniya Belokurova Avatar Evgeniya Belokurova
  • positive review  Was a pleasure to meet you Valerie and to have the possibility to learn from you in a wonderful workshop and to share our passion for dancing on the dance floor! Lovely person + great dancer (leader and follower)+ inspiring teacher! I enjoyed so much to dance with you - it was fun!

    Mo Manie Avatar Mo Manie

    positive review  Style, grace, & talent, all wrapped up in a sensuous hot package !!!

    Terry Lee Hawkins Avatar Terry Lee Hawkins

    positive review  It was awesome to learn from Val. The weekly online Urban Shines classes were well structured, fun and mindful. I had lots of inputs to improve my dancing skills, posture & balance,kiz techniques, to lead with clarity and doing it all in style. I highly recommended if you get a chance. The learning continues..🙂 checkout https://valdanza.com🌟

    Vinay Kumar Reddy Avatar Vinay Kumar Reddy
  • positive review  Valerie, thanks a lot for the class! For all those still wondering whether to take one or not – just do it! In ~1.5h Val helped me to refine the basics of Kizomba, explained a lot of technical details and specifics of leading & following, answering all my questions and helping to pay more attention to the areas that should be improved. Really helpful and enjoyable at the same time!

    Irina Zmyzgova Avatar Irina Zmyzgova

    positive review  I met Val at a Oslo social dance and I knew right away that she was the kind of teacher who would make me feel comfortable learning my first steps in dancing again after a 20 year break. She has such a lovely energy and her positivity and smile is contagious. This weekend I did a Urban Kiz intensive and Val managed to teach this Lady Styling in a step by step structured and easy to comprehend way. She isn’t just a great dancer, she is an amazing teacher with people knowledge. I’m looking forward to learning more with Val 💃

    Irene Van Slooten Avatar Irene Van Slooten

    positive review  Amazing teacher -! Warm personality ! Great dancer !

    Lana Lina Avatar Lana Lina
  • positive review  Val is an amazing dancer with a fantastic personality. She is super positive and teaches in a way that is both understandable and energising. The private class I was fortunate enough to have really was a game changer!

    Heidi Sohlberg Avatar Heidi Sohlberg

    positive review  Thanks for your class at Sandefjord Val. I love the way you teach this us dance.

    Dag WIlhelmsen Avatar Dag WIlhelmsen

    Dear Valeri! Your women style master class was so useful for me and I had so much fun. You are a high level professional in your knowledge supply. And you are a fantastic beautiful woman!!! And a highest level partner!! While I was dancing with you I flew into cosmos!!! And one more very important thing for me is that you are a very nice and sunny person. Will look forward meeting with you!) when you are in Moscow

    Алла Коченкова Avatar Алла Коченкова
  • positive review  I was immediately impressed with Val. She truly and uniquely stands out. It’s not just her teaching skills that only impress me, Val was a joy to work with because of her vast knowledge, her positive attitude and ability to make it easy and comfortable. It is my pleasure to strongly recommend Val for your one to one dancing lessons.

    Fabrice Miras Avatar Fabrice Miras

    Freue mich auf die nächste Gelegenheit.�

    Carsten Höller Avatar Carsten Höller


Of course we all have a faint idea of the actual history of professional crime.

Is “The Urban Kiz Mafia” meaning to produce arrogant and aggressive boasters approving of illegal activities? Absolutely not!

“The Urban Kiz Mafia” takes all the good that’s mentioned above and tells the world in a humorous way that we slay doing and sharing what we love.

It symbolises the collective determination to make our mark in the couple dance universe, supporting each other and fearlessly expressing ourselves through Urban Kiz.

Maybe one day it’ll become a rallying cry, who knows?!

It surely is a testament to our shared enthusiasm, and a reminder of the extraordinary bond you form through dance. And most importantly our essence, which is to convey a message of celebrating the values of (com)passion, unity & dedication that are at the heart of our art, encapsulated in kindness and respect while never taking ourselves too seriously.”

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