Tarraxo & Urban Kiz Ladystyling Mini Bootcamps w/ Val Danza

310,00 kr570,00 kr

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Exciting news for our ladies (men are very welcome too)!

We have LadyStyling Mini Bootcamps lined up for you and this marks the first one.

Tarraxo Ladystyling
Tuesday 9/04/2024
Improver Level and higher
Ewa Trela Dans, Christian Kroghs gate 2A

Urban Kiz Ladystyling
Tuesday 14/05/2024
Improver Level and higher

Apart from connection, Tarraxo really emphasizes individual expression to the music. Styling – or solo dancing, for that matter – serves exactly that purpose through expansion of repertoire, growth of self-confidence and the ability to improvise.
It is dedicated practice, and mastery of our body movements and isolations, as well as musicality that makes the ease and enjoyment we seek possible. The goal: effortlessly selecting movements that resonate with the rhythm and reflect our unique personality.

Urban Kiz works well with a huge variety of different vibes. Yet, we are mostly dancing with an elevated, floating feeling as opposed to being very grounded. This requires a whole lot of skills such as balance, good posture and coordination. Simultaneously to perfecting everything that defines the visual aspect of our movement and presentation, we also always strive to expand our repertoire, confidence and creativity in order to then, coordinate these with the above.
In short: there are numerous variables to take into account and train, which is something a true dancer never ceases to do.And last but not least; by honing our own techniques and styles, we cultivate a stronger foundation for seamless collaboration on the dance floor, allowing us to effortlessly synchronize with our partners.
Fact is: individual mastery precedes collective brilliance!

Are you interested in training those skills and more?
Then these bootcamps are for you.

♦ 1 bootcamp: 310 kr
♦♦ 2 bootcamps: 570 kr
Drop-in: 350 kr per bootcamp

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