KizEssentials: The Next Level – Urban Kiz Bootcamp & Social

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Urban Kiz feels mind-blowing, looks mind-blowing, is mind-blowing.
It’s characterised by intricate footwork, body isolations, and stylish movements all wrapped in a big bubble of unpredictability & musicality. Quite swoonworthy if you ask me! 😁

“Well then, how to make them swoon?”
– You put in the work!
” And how to put in the work?”
– Step nr. 1: start (private) classes with us.

You think I’m kidding? Not for all the tea in China!
Show up and see for yourself!

For The Next Level we are bringing next-level-content around topics such as Leading & Following Dynamics, Musicality & Fluidity. Think of the keywords precision, coordination & control as well as effective communication and seamless connection.
Like many couple dances, Urban Kiz heavily relies on a deep connection and communication between partners. The subtleties in leading and following demand a high level of sensitivity and synergy. At the same time it places a strong emphasis on dancing in sync with the music. This is a separate “muscle” that needs nurturing + strengthening – we’ll start that process and provide tips on how to move with grace and fluidity to begin a journey towards seamless transitions for a natural and effortless flow.

Level: improver & higher

⏰ 12:00-16:15 (breaks incl.)
🕺 Social from 17:00-20:00
📍 Studio Orient
Arbeidergata 4, pink studio
💎 Urban Kiz Essentials & More
❗ Registration mandatory

Extra Goodie:
I got a hold of fantastic DJ Dee C Beats for an Urban Kiz-Only Social almost right after class.
The entrance is included for all Bootcamp participants! There are changing rooms and showers at Studio Orient in case you want to freshen up.

Entrance Fee for only Social (17:00-20:00)
80 NOK
(You guys, I wish it could be 0,- for everyone but DJ & studio are
not free 🙁 )


Early Birds: 550 NOK (until September 20th)
Late Birds: 650 NOK
Couple Pass: 1100 NOK

Single at the door: 700 NOK
Couple at the door: 1300 NOK
Social: 80 NOK

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