Urban Kiz Intermediate Level – 8 Weeks Course

1,150.00 kr

Classes for the more experienced Urban Kiz dancers.

Please reevaluate your skills carefully so that everyone in the course can work at the expected level.

What does this mean?:

✦The amount of training a students needs to achieve a certain level is very individual. Student A with a dance & musical background might need significantly less time to reach the intermediate level than student B who is completely new to (social) dancing, rhythm and

motor coordination. That is why the following only serves as a pointer

✦This course is recommended for students who have been dancing and taking classes regularly for at least 6 months. It entails more complex pattern amalgamations and accompanying technique. A comfortable working knowledge of basics in Urban Kiz is required. You are able to

dance, identify and name the steps and patterns that constitute the foundation of Urban Kiz.

✦If you have difficulties estimating your own level, don’t hesitate to contact me for guidance.

⋗ Footwork (in Partnerwork)
⋗ Advanced Balance Techniques
⋗ Musicality
⋗ Man- & Ladystyling in Partnerwork
⋗ “Cool Moves”
⋗ Tricks & Dips

Join the Urban Kiz Mafia!
Date: 24/08/- 19/10/21 Attention! No classes in Week 40 (Holidays)

Time: 20:30-21:30

Location: Studio Orient (Arbeidergata 4, 0159 Oslo)

You are not quite at the Intermediate Level yet? Consider joining the Beginner or Improver Classes with us at Ewa Trela Dans.

We take infection control seriously and follow all guidelines given by the government and the Norwegian Dance Association.

* Limited places at all hours.

* Drop-in is NOT possible (to keep the same group).

* Access to wash and hand soap, as well as antibac when you come and go.

If the school has to close due to new corona restrictions, the remaining hours of the course series will be accredited to the next possibe course.
NOTE: This only applies if the authorities decide that we must close, not if you yourself become ill so you can not attend classes.

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